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"From Tears to Tenacity" provides Christian-based devotionals for those struggling with toxic or abusive relationships. Focusing on finding your identity in as a loved, cherished, and valuable person, you can live an abundant life, starting right now.


            Insightful themes of daily life that start your day off right with God. Only after refreshing your spirit with His word, can you be a blessing in other people’s lives. Topics vary from everyday issues such as time management to issues that you’ve never thought of before. Strengthen your daily walk with Jesus, as you worship during your day.

All content on this venue is free and we encourage sharing to as many people who need it. Start your day with devotionals that fill you with God’s word, peace, hope, security and love.


     This section is currently under construction, but soon will be where you     can find paid courses, webinars, speaking engagements, and other material that has a cost. The material here provided is innovative and inspirational, meaning you will not find similar material on the internet. All the courses here are written and developed personally by Amanda June Matthews.

Where Christianity shakes hands with psychology, these courses deal with subjects that usually no one likes to address openly in religious organizations, such as: divorce, suicide, abortion, marital submission, and many others. 


Shattered Sanctuary, A memoir

  This is where you can click on photos, ask questions, and read the first chapter of Amanda’s experiences in Brazil. The memoir covers the six years it took her to find courage to leave her abusive husband to the time she entered the United States with her children. It is not focused on the violence, but on how a person who had lived with abuse rebuilt her life, found her voice, and conquered freedom.

This being said, this is not a “spiritual journey memoir.” It is a true story that involved a Christian, but the themes are far from religious topics. Marital rape, codependency, gas-lighting, domestic violence, spousal submission, and pleasing a narcissist rather than God are all intertwined in the pages as Amanda struggles to legally return to the United States with her children.

About the Author

While in Brazil as a missionary, Amanda June Matthews was a theology professor, motivational speaker, and a women’s pastor.  Now that she is residing in the United States, she is working on a nursing degree.

Amanda spends her free time enjoying nature hikes. She also loves to bike on trails, dance, and play with her dog, Max. When she’s not working on the next chapter of her book or course, she’s exploring a new campsite to venture out into nature and pitch a tent for the weekend.

She has been blonde, brunette, and red headed but still can’t pick a color.

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